For our first Surf Pemberton video we enlisted help from a group of Whistler media professionals to speak with some of the project’s founding members and show the potential of the Rutherford site as wave park facility.

Titled “Born in BC,” the video features interviews with President Tyler Krausher, Safety Director Paul Carus and official Director of Stoke Adam Leggett. Chris Sutton, CEO of Whistler-based project management company Select Contracts, also makes an appearance with his daughters Charley and Molly.
What do all these folks have in common? First, they’re all surfers. Second, they all want to see a standing wave surf park just up the road from where they live. Whistler is always looking for more sustainable recreational opportunities and Pemberton is still in dire need of a proper aquatic facility. With the current kayak park at the Rutherford unfit for beginner and intermediate use, it makes perfect sense to convert the facility into standing wave facility suitable for everyone.

Surf Pemberton would like to thank Vince Shuley for shooting and editing the interviews, Dan Carr for providing professional sound recording and Marc Dionne of Reactive Design for capturing the aerial footage of the Rutherford site. Additional thanks go out to Mike Douglas of Switchback Entertainment for lending us lighting equipment and Dan Harmon for his assistance with production.